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Deploy InSight

Click a marker to watch Curiosity in action, or choose from the list below.

Photograph of instrument





Control InSight

Bring InSight to life by moving the parts highlighted in blue. Click and drag the parts to make the lander's robotic arm move.

Learn About InSight

Mouse over the lander to learn about its components, or choose from the list below.

Large sized photograph of instrument.

About Experience InSight

An interactive 3D introduction to the InSight Mars mission, its technology and its scientific objectives. View the deployment of the lander's instruments, learn about the devices on-board or experiment using the articulated Instrument Deployment Arm.

To best experience this web application, we recommend using one of the following WebGL enabled browsers:

  1. Google Chrome 34+
  2. Mozilla Firefox 31+
  3. Apple Safari 8+
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ (experimental)

Other browsers may work, but Chrome or Firefox are suggested for a better experience except on iOS where Safari is preferred.

How to Use

Click and drag on the background to rotate the camera view. Use your mouse wheel or pinch the screen to zoom in and out from InSight.

From the left panel you can choose your view and explore features of Experience inSight.

InSight Replay

Control InSight

Learn About InSight

Learn banner Choose Learn About InSight to learn all about the lander components. Click/tap a component from the list to view a description of that part. Scroll the list to view more components.
Learn example image You can also click/tap directly on the lander to select a component. The lander component will highlight.

The right camera panel provides views from the two cameras mounted on InSight.

Camera panel example image. Click the left and right arrows to cycle through the two available camera views.


Project Lead and Art Direction:
Brian Kumanchik

Brian Kumanchik

Jason Craig

Technical Directors:
Doug Ellison and Jason Craig

Programming Lead:
Anton Kulikov

3D art:
Brian Kumanchik, Doug Ellison

Carolina Carnalla-Martinez, Doug Ellison

UI Layout and Design:
Andrea Boeck and Justin Moore (Moore Boeck), Brian Kumanchik

Special Thanks:
Tom Hoffman

3D Web Engine: Verge3D
Yuri and Alex Kovelenov, Ivan Lyubovnikov, Mikhail Luzyanin