NASA's Eyes Server
NASA's Eyes Server allows you to download the all of the content on our servers so that you can run NASA's Eyes without being connected to the internet. The installation requires an AWS Key, which you can get by e-mailing Note: This program only downloads the files required by NASA's Eyes, and NASA's Eyes is still required.
NASA's Eyes Config
NASA's Eyes Config enables Eyes to be configured to startup with various options, including fullscreen mode, a specific module, or to use NASA's Eyes Server. It also configures NASA's Eyes Server to download its files to a specific destination (such as an external drive) and to download a subset of the files required for specific modules.
DSN Now Index
DSN Now Index is the index part of the DSN Now suite, a visualization similar to the DSN Now website. It interacts with DSN Now Dish and NASA's Eyes to provide a comprehensive visualization of the DSN real-time status.
DSN Now Dish
DSN Now Dish is the dish part of the DSN Now suite.